Sunday, May 18, 2014

Don´t Overwork!

Overwork is often a temptation for internet marketers and bloggers as well.

I am not saying that you should decrease the number of blogposts, if posting once a day or once a week, it´s up to you.What I am saying is that you need a life outside your business as well.

You have to allow the articles on your blog working for you.

You can´t get around the fact that it takes time to build up your circles of readers.The most of internet marketers who have an online job besides their regular offline job must allow their free time as well.We can´t work all day and night long.

We are social beings in the need of seeing and keeping offline friends too, don´t forget that!

Otherwise we would be odd in our behaviour.With this said there are people who haven´t a clue about the evolvement on the internet and that is a risk in itself.They could allow the risk that they will be a long way after in the evolvement today which is speeding up!

Although, the speed is too much and we as the humans we are have to relax from time to time allowing us to recover to soul and body to gather all the impressions we have recieved.

Have you recoqnized the signal of faith on the inside of you?

Most of the people today are trained to listen to their worries all the time and are very seldom listening to that inner signal of faith, which we need to carry on the creative work we are doing.

The negatives are so many some could drown in them.

Let the signal of faith carry you on fulfilling your promising vision, not to give up on it! It takes time to fulfill but if it´s a true dream, it will be possible to realize!


My fundshares are up again while my stocks are slightly on minus but also catching up.I am never disappointed at this strategy, to have investments besides my internet marketing.You should always stick to a winning strategy.

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