Friday, May 2, 2014

Secrets Of The Art

Yes, I know I have blogged about it before so let´s blog about it with a twist today.

A while ago I was a member in a program run by an admin who run one program several years ago which was one of the first programs where I earned some money.By then I was happy to make any money at all and was surprised that it worked.

Really, does it work?

Yes, I was surprised and of course, I continued to put in more money in there to make more.Everyone knows that you have to break even before you get in profit in a specific program and that isn´t always that easy.However, if you have any experience doing that in some programs along the way you know how pleasant it can be.Everything thereafter are earnings which make you more money.

And here comes the crucial question.How to find those programs with the most brilliant products or services which last as long as possible?

Last year we saw very many short term programs so the conclusion should be, how the find the evolvement now for the profit shares and other advertising programs to improve the sustainability? Remember that these types of extra income are very important for families who are very glad for every opportunity to make an extra income besides their offline job.For me too, of course and above that I have an income coming from fundshares and stocks.

Some months ago I asked the same admin who run this first program where I earned my first money, an advertising program and cycler why he doesn´t add an outside investment to his current program, in a situation several years later where he should have evolved what he did in the past.

invest in art photo:  SecretsOfTheArtMillionaires_zpse0c0f0f3.jpg I don´t dare to put the members money at risk, he answered.Well, does it have to be so high risks with everything? No, not at all.My intention with The Investor´s Guide is to paint up a picture of a continuation in affiliate marketing by improving the sustainability and longevity by adding outside investments in gold, silver or real estate, for example.

Here comes the immediate question then.But if the value goes down on gold or silver then? Then you haven´t any funds that way.

True.It is a risk to a degree.However, see this on the long term.And in times where the value goes up on that real estate or something else worth investing in, then a percent of that proft will go back to the members again.Everything calculated, of course and laid on reasonable levels.The difference then in comparison to the endless series of too short term programs would be that these kind of programs or opportunities wouldn´t solely depend on the incoming members investments or purchases but you would have this outside investment.

Do you believe in education? Do you believe in training? 

To see the need of these kind of outside investments, I started The Investor´s Guide.

The Internet isn´t solely around entertainment, it gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge and educate others in your field of knowledge as well.

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