Sunday, May 11, 2014

The New School

Is it only a matter of entertainment?

How to use the internet and its tools in the proper way?

The oldfashioned way of educating children is on its way out and how to replace it in the modern way?
Here we can analyze some panic amongst parents and the middle age-generation.They have worries for the increasing use of social media and also for home based business many times.

They have to face it, the evolvement is here and will be.

The modern way of educating children in the schools will depend of how to use the tools in the proper way.As long as the parent generation treat it like a threat, then that will be the truth for them.If they are going to treat it like the possibility, then that will be the result of their mind set.

We don´t use physical pens as much as in the past more, that´s a pure fact.

The crucial challenge is to learn out to the children that they need to treat internet as the tool for education, not to spend their time for watching You Tube-clips all day long, they can watch that later.In the school they have to focus on learning what they have to, namely their lessons.

Well, for us internet marketers? We have to have a mix of both entertainment and education in our way of training and educating others.Blog like you are holding a lesson for others if you want to train others.Those who are neglecting you will not learn a single thing while those who pay attention to what you are blogging about will learn something from it.

The heavy or light version?

Something in between of that.Learn out what you know but do it in a fun way, knowing what you know.Convey it to your readers and expect them to be able to take it in.

I don´t only want to get referrals for the programs I am marketing, I want to share something worthful to them on my blog they can recieve before signing up for those programs.


The modern way of learning out the subjects to students in schools and colleges today is far from the old school many years ago.It´s a waste of time trying to winding back the clocks to the past, it will never come back again.

Be updated on this evolvement, it will be crucial both for teachers, students but of course also for every internet marketer.

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