Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not Too Bold

Internet marketing is, of course, related to a market as other form of businesses.

As my regular readers know, I am both a marketer and an investor.And as the investor one is used to read on the curves every day and checking out how the fund or stock is performing.One is used to the "wait in-moment" when a specific fund or stock needs to recover from minus to plus and then eventually, hopefully make a profit on them.It´s profitable for me every year, taxes included.

When it comes to internet marketing we have often seen a scenario where the members use to hang on as long as no problem occurs to the opportunity.

It´s like even a minor problem causes too much panic sometimes.An internet marketer needs to have some patience in the character as well to be prepared for some fluctuation on the market.It´s normal.You don´t need to chase the next opportunity at once just because of that.Every internet marketer would benefit from more kind of long term opportunities overall anyway.

Loyalty or chasing the next opportunity?

Noone benefits from too short term opportunities but we all benefit from a patient mood where we have the time to build up the earnings enough to make a profit on it.Here comes the BitCoinTrend in as the obvious digital currency it is.You are able to read several articles on this and we need to understand why it fits so well into the world of internet marketing.It limits the risk on transactions and it simply is another payment option connected to opportunies online.

This is not like the "replacement" or "instead of" all other knowledge on internet marketing we have learn before but the continuation and evolvement of it.

Here, a video on BitCoinMining,

We have in the history of internet marketing and affiliate marketing heard too bold statements in the past as "now, traditional internet marketing is, as we know it, dead" and other unbalanced statements.We need to make progress without these too bold and unbalanced statements.We shouldn´t go to the extremes in such statements.We can proceed to the next phase with the old knowledge with us, the useful knowledge.Be bold enough to test new ways in your marketing online but never let go of working strategies.

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