Thursday, June 5, 2014

Selling Music

Selling music online is a challenge.

However, one has to test new concepts from time to time and then evaluate it.I longed for making music again online and had thoughts of buying a new keyboard.When I bought my new computer I didn´t know that Music Maker Jam was a part of what you can use.You can buy more loops in different styles from there and I have bought several packages of styles to mix with as an old musician.Not easy to work with if you aren´t familliar with the different harmonies to combine with but if you know how to mix it right you can have your complete songs pretty easily done with the musical feeling you have then, of course.

It´s a matter of the right beat of drums to the right sounds on your synthezeizer and the proper bass to the right vocals.

Now I have the concept of making music to a series of pictures someone is sending to me and then negotiate for the fair price, it can differ depending on the measure and time with it all, of course.So, if you are interested, contact me concerning this.You can pay me directly by a bankwire with IBAN and a SWIFT-code or by other agreement.

I haven´t stop marketing the other opportunites in any way but this is a try to add this to my marketing as I am a musician too.

Here is one sample to give you an example of what I am composing,

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