Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Social Networks in Comparison

If you are from Sweden you could participate in a Linked In-Group designed for businesspeople.

A thread was started there about that Linked In seems to apply many of the features that Facebook has.
Although the difference between these two networks will always be there.The first social network I signed up for many years agon in the initial phase of my business ventures online was AdlandPro AdlandPro World's Classifieds
Get Linked from 16,000 + sites with one click.

I learned to add new friends to my contactlist and some of them am I still in contact with.As time went by I tried some smaller social networks without satisfying results at that time.In between there were opportunities to market with various results, the best one was the later Just Been Paid and Gord´s GrandBankClub.

Even if we shouldn´t dig into the past too much there is much to learn on what worked and not from the past.

Eventually I was invited to Facebook and Twitter.It is easy to see differences between the social networks and especially Twitter has its special style with the microblogging-technique to reach your audience.
Now, what do we want in the future to expand the attraction and interest on social networks? We don´t want them to be copies of each other? No, we want them to keep their unique design to use them in the way we are used to.We are using them suitable to our needs of them knowing that they have different features and platforms.

Here, an article about 8 powerful ways to boost your Linked In presence.It is very crucial to know the difference between the differences between social networks.One logical reason to use Facebook is the numbers of members there, of course.With this said, it isn´t that easy always.You need to be targeted to reach the potential customers to your business online.If you need training online whether it is about different programs I am marketing or it is about knowledge on social networks, don´t hesitate to contact me with your questions.

Where do we have the evolvement on social networks today, the next step and level?

The traditional social networks with their style today are here to stay even if you shouldn´t forget the obvious differences in comparison.A new take on them could be a special area for investments.I would believe that education would be a bigger part of the use of the social networks in the future as the entertainment part of them is already SO BIG PART of them.Not to get bored with using them but eventhough, education must have its place as well.

Don´t fish in old waters!

Here, a video on music production online,

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