Monday, July 21, 2014

Don´t be bitter, be better

Summertime and its usual vacation passages.

An internet marketer has to be used with the usual ups and downs in the businessworld.The trend right now for me is pretty good overall, though.A recovery on the field of internet marketing along with a real good improvement when it comes to my private investments in funds and stocks.So far, this year I have made on a half year as much as I did on the whole last year bringing in profits in that area.I am very satisfied with that even if I need to improve it all the time.

As I have mentioned, BitCoins are here to stay and it seems as opportunities which deals with bitcoins in some way along with a sound design of their businessmodel, of course, have found something of value for a long term trend.

There are many ways you can use bitcoins for along with the use for it offline as well.Thye value of it goes up and down, it fluctuates as any currency.Though, the latest news seems like it seems to be able to hold after the initial fluctuations caused by different circumstances.

You should think of it as a virtual tool to make it more smooth for payments and transactions.

Everyone won´t understand this, don´t expect you are able to explain the idea of everything to each and everyone, some don´t want to understand different business ideas online at all.But for those who want to hang on the evolvement around bitcoins and similar useful ideas you have to take time to explain why a trend becomes a trend and if you have more experience you are a part in the evolvement.Don´t take on too much though, focus on the services you are good at.

As a tip.If you have specific business knowledge with you from the time before you started an online business, take benefit of it in some way.

What are your vacationtips anyway?

Mine is as follows.Do something you don´t do every day.And here I am blogging as I always do lol....

However, I have my small routes here and there in Sweden, I spend time at the beach.I continue to read a book which should have been read in its whole by know and I am planning for the future more focused.

Let´s be honest.Whether it is usual working days or vacation you want to learn something new, you want to evolve something exciting added to your life, won´t you?

We all want to.Do it with fun and be passionate.Don´t spend time with the hatred crowd on Facebook
stick to the good and true friends you can find there instead.There are all sorts of people.Not easy to categorize always either.The way to go is to keep your energy to be with people of common sense and good energy.Bitterness would kill you in the end and is a waste of energy...

I am trying to say, use both FB and Google+ and spend the time with kept good energy.


I decided to continue with e-Toro and trading there.It takes time to get a grip over new skills one has to learn.What?? You have been an internet marketer for years and have new skills to learn?Yes, even if I have use of the knowledge in affiliate marketing, investments in funds and stocks, the forex market still is a new market for me to learn about.Some of the principals are similar to the fund and stockmarket, yet there are differences.In the end, you have use for a long term thinking also in the forex market even if many decisions are here and now.

As always, don´t get panic.You don´t need to take the highest risks.Diversify your portfolio and stop listening to the negative naysayers and keep up the good work!

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