Sunday, July 27, 2014

Values in Time and in the Past

The last day of my vacation I have to say it has been a real vacation.

As I was in Kiel during Eastern I travelled around the area in the nearby of my town where I live.It is much to see around here and the history tell us a lot even today.We must never give up on our roots of history or the culture we have in the nations where we live.There are many forces in a time like this where many want to give up on this and upon that show disrespect for both the flag and many of the customs we are used with, whatever country we are living in.This on my own and together with friends.

I don´t want to get too political here but yet, our roots, our kings in our history and even some of the viking history can learn us a lot today even if they made their mistake, of course and often were very vicious on their crusades around the world.

How come, history becomes very weak in some countries and seems very interesting for others?

It has to do how we value our forefathers who built up the old industrial society before us.

Let us not forget now in our IT-society how the elder generation built up the foundation before us.

the elders photo: Cherish the wisdom of our elders... IMG_0433.jpg

How do we value these wonderful people of the older generation?

For me, they are precious and worthful people all the days in the week.I don´t have kids on my own but I like kids.We as adults must give the proper signals for the youngsters.

There are many interesting aspects to emerge the older industrial society into the new IT-society.

This hasn´t only to do with the view on social media in their different platforms but also with the view on the Home Biz evolvement.With the experience I have taken with me on my business journey, I want to reach out to new readers and potential customers as well.Welcome to a group I have founded several years ago called Get Your Blog Readers.

Did You Know?

Noone is never really selftaught, he got his education from somewhere.An article online, some kind of course or anything else that brought him the crucial understanding of the work he is doing.

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