Saturday, August 9, 2014

Set your finger on it!

Got an amazing answer from one contact on a traffic exchange.

I described the necessarity in being an active marketer online to achieve the results one wants.

A passive marketer isn´t a marketer at all.

This doesn´t mean you have to work day and night to achieve the results but you can´t expect the results raining over you if you don´t work for it either way, this is a myth.

I got the response from her, I don´t want to be such a person to achieve the results??

Such a weird attitude!

How to achieve any real results if you don´t want to work for it? I believe such so-called marketers are more interested in spreading false rumours than being authentic marketers.

Excuses, excuses all the time, they are full of excuses.

First of all.Get the real facts about a person before you judge that person.What has he/she achieved so far? No money at all or more interesting, have they achieved real results? Do they have something worthful to share with others? Get the real facts about others or you are a false spreader of rumours.

Now I don´t mean my honest readers here who want to recoqnize my work.

Don´t take my word for granted, do your own research by the way.Ok, you have to be a reasearcher yourself but you should hang on the most promising opportunities.However, the most anxious of people are the same time as you can find the most skillful businesspeople online too.

Don´t mix political opinions with business, that is not a good mix.

Try to meet people of different sort with a respectful attitude.We are different.

When I learned different business skills in the beginning of my business ventures, I understood this will include a measure of risks.Though one needs to balance the risks to stay at an intermediate level.

When it comes to communication, try to evolve it.

Do you want the truth?

The most dangerous people on the net today are obsessed with surfing on porn sites.That will destroy them and their thinking and they will become like predatros in the end.What has that to do with internet marketing?
It has a lot to do with it.If you want a safer net you have to set your finger on the most dangeros people and what they really are messed up with!

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