Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Soulful Performance

I am following this years version of IDOL.

What makes an idol?

There are a lot of components which makes an idol proceed to the next level of the competition.

The audition and the artist must have:

1.Pure talent
2.The show and performance
3.A real goal

Pure Talent

If there is no talent then what to do? Accept it and do something else in the life.Try to dig up the real gift from the inner person instead.

The show and performance

If the artist stands still during the whole performance, they can have the best voice in the world and it still wouldn´t be enough.The whole performance must have enough potential.

A real goal

This third point is many times a foreseen one.An artist practise and practise but what´s the goal with it? Is it only the competition? Is it a new career? Is it to make a good impression for the moment?

A long term vision and a goal for many years should be the goal.

Let me take you to the world of internet marketing again.What´s your goal? to make some space for a hobby or do you want a real extra income? Do you want to work fulltime with it? Then it´s not hard for to understand that you can´t swallow all those messages describing the internet business as a fast affair with a come-and-go mentality where you are active a couple of years and then are forced to get an alias for the rest of your life as you by that have made good money but got an awful reputation.

This is a main problem in this whole industry with all those plain scams where they are here today and gone tomorrow.

I am used to make my careful research even if I have made some wrong decisions and mistakes during my business venure.All of us make mistakes.Yet we need to learn not to repeat them.We need to take the experience with us to make it better all the time and sharpen our marketing and investor skills along the way.
So make no mistake, what I do recommend are long term opportunities.

I am not hiding anywhere, I don´t need to take on an alias cause I have never run a dishonest business.

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