Saturday, August 23, 2014

Use your common sense

I have grown up in Sweden and I was born here.

My generation were used to at least some safety on the streets and overall but in the latest years we have seen another society with too much of violence and lack of respect towards the elders.

This is not a political blogpost but it is an analyzis in time and space.

On the national and international stage we have to see efforts to make the society safer.We have to strive for more ethical touch overall.Our society can´t be an arena where pedophiles, violent people can take what they want.The nations have to reestablish law and order again on the streets.This has to do with all and everything cause men and especially women must be able to walk on the streets without constantly be afraid of getting raped and insulted.

Take your responsability to get your voice and engagement being heard where you are.

I got a response from one of my readers that I may be too broad in my blogging.Well, you have to put another value in the life other than thinking of business all the time.I have pure passion for the marketing and investments I am doing online.However, I want to speak out about other interests in life and spread other knowledge I have about other things I am passionate about.

1.Focus on the topic on your blog
2.Practise what you have learned
3.If you have a system that works, don´t change it
4.Use your common sense

Four marks to remember and practise all the time to reach successful blogging.Don´t change a winning model but dare to evolve it on the other side.Approach it and reach a variation within to make it enough attractive for your valued readers.

Focus on the topic on your blog

Yes, stick to the theme of your blog and don´t handle everything.Noone is an expert on everything.What we can is to handle the business we are running and do it properly.

Practise what you have learned

It doesn´t make sense to read articles without paying attention to them and learn something of value from them.Practise it!

If you have a system that works, don´t change it

I can´t get the point of marketers online that are leaving a marketing system that they have.Why? If it works, stick to it! If you are investing in a way that works for you, don´t leave it!

Use your common sense

Are there many books written on this theme? At least is the common sense one of the best characters we should stick to and a reasonable thinking is one of the best habits a good economist ever can have.

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