Sunday, September 14, 2014

Attention! Education is Fun.

It is time to vote for the parlament today in Sweden.

I have already voted, I was sure about it.I won´t make this a political post today.Anyway, it is important to vote from the perspective of democracy.

Imagine if you would run for president, what would you do? Which areas would you set as a priority?

Here comes the topic for today.

How many are mentally prepared for the change the new technology is? Is it hard to hang on for how many? It is hard to understand how to use it, for pretty many.Make your surfing to a good habit not just a waste of time.Use it for what it is, not only as an entertainment part of your life but also find the proper information you need for your life.

If I would run for president I would spend time not only counting on numbers but motivate people to do the right thing.

Don´t misunderstand me, counting on the economy is, of course highly crucial.However, beyond that you have to motivate people to do the right thing on different areas.

How should you then blog in the most attractive and efficient way?

Find topics which can be of interest for your readers.Can you find a video which fits in somewhere?
Could you find a video which has the same topic as the topic for your current post?

How to combine education and entertainment at the same time?

Here we have the real challenge for politicians today.To motivate both people in general to engagement in society and to motivate pupils to engage in the schools.

Why do you think I have chosen the name Creative Marketer for my blog? The status for that expression is as important as the education cause how would you otherwise motivate the young generation to further educate themselves? How would the teachers otherwise get their students attention to the classes?


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