Saturday, September 20, 2014

Understanding Forex Principals

My forex strategy is gaining ground and I have 211 dollars in my balance and counting.

If you want to know more about Forex Trading send me an email with your questions.

It´s all about reading articles and learning more all the time.

I knew I had to add something new to my business online to proceed to a new phase and expand my business.Now, with a working strategy on the forex trading field I can see a future in my business again.

And how to market that?

More on the personal invitation level where we as traders can invite others to start trading with tips and articles to read.Here is a site where I get many useful tips and where I am learning different terms from:

Daily FX

You won´t learn this "overnight", you will have to invest with a smaller amount in the beginning to continue building based on that.The favorite currency pair so far has been the USD/Yen.If you want to make a good profit on forex trading you will have to have a long term patience with it as with other similar business.You will have use for some principals from the stockmarket also in the forex trading.

If funds are the most long term and stocks are often more long/short term, forex trading is something where you may have to trade several times a day.

If you want to expand your online business you will have to combine online marketing with different investment opportunities or forex trading, preferrably the last option.Don´t take my word for granted but this is the way I see it.

Here is a group I would recommend to you to learn more about investing and typical, forex trading.
Have you heard about those safelists where you would reach "millions" to get "amazing" results? Forget them, they are often useless.You should more use a long term, efficient and targeted strategy to keep your quality marketing.

A review on e-Toro here:

Visit eToro’s Official Site

Over the last few years, advances in web technology have taken online TRADING to new heights and this has resulted in a changing TRADING environment. One of the few forex BROKERS who have been quick to adapt to changing MARKETS circumstances is eToro. Over the past few years, due to their trading platform innovations, the company have won numerous awards from expert review companies like World Finance, Finovate Fall, Global Banking & Finance Review, MoneyAM Online Finance Awards and European CEO.
Trading with eToro offers traders several advantages like:
  • The ability to follow and copy experts with the eToro Openbook
  • Guardian Angel software to promote responsible trading
  • More tools to help traders trade more effectively


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