Saturday, September 27, 2014

What Strategy?

Succesful blogging requires a lot of practising and training, a lot of insight.

As I use to express it, take it to the next level.

How to do that?

Studying, practising, reading articles and new experience upon that.There is no other way.I have been running the former Get Your Blog Followers, now called Get Your Blog Readers.

By joining a bloggroup you are able to interact with other, active bloggers to learn new skills in the blogosphere.I have seen too many give up on blogging and learnt that the so important persistence is a crucial skill also in the world of blogging.

Take it to the next level.

Is it only another expression without real content or substance?

No, not at all, it´s the motivation for your blogging.What you need is motivation to proceed to the next phase.I know how many are thinking.Let me move on to the next group, I am not getting enough feedback in that group.Now, are you fair in that judgement? Are you really fair?

Get rid of frustration, fear and your worries over lack of results.

It takes time for all internet marketers and bloggers to achieve the results they want, that´s it!
Of, course, after several years you want to see the better results in what your are blogging about, otherwise it would be meaningless, it would make no sense.However, don´t get any panic here, be focused all the time and build up a strategy that will work out for you.

What do you want to achieve and what´s the way to that goal?

Finding that requires some tools.....

1.Efficient marketing.
2.A working strategy
3.Getting in contacts with reliable experts
4.Characters like motivation, patience and persistence

I could have mentioned other crucial skills as well but noone can cover all areas of a subject in one and the same article.

Basically, following a plan, following a real strategy is of course, crucial to achieve your goals whatever you are blogging with.Write the plan and strategy down or keep it in the mind, only if it´s established well enough, there.


Got paid from e-Toro with 70 dollars, directly to my bank account and from BitCoinTrader to EgoPay with 25 dollars.
If you have questions about them,send me a comment here or contact me via email.

Update again!

Due to extremely volatilitiy, I am now investing in gold and silver through e-Toro.I have lost 160 dollars the latest days.That´s business.One doesn´t always win, there are losses along the way too.It goes up and down.On the other side, my fundshares and stocks performed very well the first half-year so that compensates everything.Now I am investing in gold and silver instead.

Third update!

Now I am on it again with my trading and catching up......
Never Give Up!!

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