Sunday, October 19, 2014

Only a matter of trading technique?

This week has been extremely fluctuating on the markets and that caused an effect also on The Forex Market, of course.

I have to recover the losses in my balance.By doing this I will take the new knowledge with me and strive for getting into profit, eventually.Am I leaving the usual profit shares which have been so usual the latest years by this?

Yes and no.

That depends on.I have never said  that every of them have been short term while the most of them have been.Even if Forex Trading is often about daytrading, there are more potential in that market than in the profit share-market.It is a bigger potential on the Forex Market.

Connected to real currencies, commodoties and the nations markets you will have a better chance to earn a significant income if you learn to trade in the right way.

On You Tube you will find a lot of material about Forex Trading.

However, don´t think that it´s only a matter of terms and only trading technique.A lot of the knowledge to pick the right currency pair, to pick the right commodoties to trade with, you will have to analyse where the market is, what status one specific nation´s currency has.

Did the nation´s growth slow down? Then you should likely chose another nation´s currency towards this where they have a better growth or reports, for the moment.

Forex Trading isn´t solely about daytrading, it´s also about seeing the whole picture, viewing the trade perspective also on the long term.

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