Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy with yourself? Focus and Patience

How to become your own boss?

Not so easily done and you should think many times before you are going into that even if you should stick to your vision, of course.To have a business besides your current, offline job could be a plus for you.It will go up and down but if you work hard and stick to your living vision you can see your results on the long term.

It will go up and down, though....

We are living in a world where many people want the fast cash and fast results all the time.Patience isn´t exactly a word to use so often.You have to hang on every day, read articles which make you updating your current business.Don´t take all tips for granted though.

Learn to think by yourself!

The Internet Society shows us that we need to constantly evolve what we are doing.It also shows us that as everything is going faster, we need to slow down ourselves instead not to be overheated, that would be a disaster for anyone.

In fact, patience is a key to success even if there are few who are having it.

It is so easily to get stuck in a ratrace where you want to see every result here and now.It is so easily to get that heavy burden on your shoulders to achieve everything so fast.You will achieve it in time if you work persistently and with patience.

To evolve some kind of patience in this distressed world I want to share these images of patience.....

patience photo: PATIENCE patience.jpg

You shouldn´t sleep when you are going to work but your soul needs to be calm down more often than you think.

Find Your Shabbath!

patience photo: PATIENCE PAT.jpg

Your next decision will depend on your focus when you are reading the necessary articles you will need to get better.In fact, every result you want to see depends on your focus.

focus photo: Focus Focus.jpg

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