Sunday, November 2, 2014

That Extra Energy

It´s always that energy, isn´t it?

Energy to all sorts of things in life and finally the energy to write the next blogpost.However, when you know you have it, when you got the purpose and meaning of the next post you are on it again.

First of all, it isn´t the length of your next blogpost, it is foremost the content.

You could call it the art of blogging.

You may put the question, why call it The Art of Blogging?

An art can´t be predictible, it has to be created.It would be boring if each and everyone of your blogposts could be predictible in every detail.On the other side, you don´t want the Forex Market act like that every

Your right choices on what currency pairs you would chose are based on a correct analysis of what is going on, on the market.The latest week now was very good.

An art is unique, your way of blogging should show how you are, you should share something of you as a person within your posts.

Suddenly you have that needed energy to create your next piece of art, in a sudden moment, you have that spark to light the fire within you.Some days you are a little down, the next day you are are up the road and feel that extra energy in your inner man.

Can we avoid that? 

No, it´s just a part of your life.We are the humans we are.We can´t pretend to be others than we are.Go with your vision, run with fire!

And the sources for that extra energy?

Call it a movie, call it a poem.Call it an experience in the forest or call it a person you like very much.Whatever kind of inspiration you chose, you have to gather your needed energy to create your next blogpost.

The list to remember:

1.The content of quality
2.The Art of Blogging
3.Be unpredictable in your writings
4.Be unique
5.The source for your energy

If you can stick to a list like this, you should be a great blogger, if you give it time and the needed energy.


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