Sunday, November 16, 2014

Times Are Changing

If you read the update on my former blogpost, you could read about the USD/RUB tip.

It is surely a learning curve to learn the principals in Forex Trading and trading with commodoties.You have to follow the political situations around the corners of the earth.The reports on the employment in different nations and other market reports.You want to buy low and sell high but also watch it all over so you won´t miss the eventual profit there.

To get in profit as a whole takes some time but don´t worry.

When I started to invest in funds it all were on minus at that time several years ago.As time went by I managed to get in profit more and more with it even if it has had its ups and downs on that market too.

The difference with the Forex Market is that you have a market part in it, you have the option to invite another potential trader into it.On his/hers 100 dollars deposit in e-Toro, you will get 20 dollars on it.

On e-Toros FB-page you can read about different tips to pick up the latest news and tips you will need to start trading with the proper currency pairs.

If you are keen on investing in stocks you can even chose Google´s or Apple´s stocks on the long term, if you want.

Basically, you need an interest for the economy market to hang on the news and updates.Have you watched the CNBC-Channel? They are delivering the latest trends and moves on the market.It can shift fast so you need to be updated daily to chose the right trade or investment.To chose a Forex platform where you still have the option to market upon the trading is ideal for the combined internet marketer, investor and trader.

This isn´t for everyone even if it should be a natural continuation for the affiliate marketer who wants to increase his/hers earnings as the the short term programs and others advertising networks may mean to little of money in the end.

Someone may think that this seems too complicated to learn and the usual fear comes sneaking, what if I lose too much of money? Therefore you can´t spend more than you can afford to lose, that´s like an unwritten law in all these kind of businesses.Though you have to know that even if a dip may come, I can say it will occassionally be there, you can trade it up again, so to speak and rebound again.

Never give up, never give in, just give it all as a popular sayin´.

Just like the ship is navigating, you will have to watch for the traps in the water near you and at the same time you will stretch your hawkeye on the horizon to look for the long term results.

Finally for this time, do keep in mind that you need a passion and interest for reading articles on these subjects to be constantly updated and give it time to sink in.

I watched this video with this man who has somewhat the same background as I.He was marketing MLM-programs before with little or poor results but when he started to put his money into commodoties, the results just got better.

Although I succeeded with marketing Just Been Paid and Gord´s GrandBankClub.The difference was that these two programs wasn´t exactly MLM:s, they were more like hybrids where the first had a course within and Gord´s was a hybrid with an adsurfer and an investment at the same time.As we evolve what we are doing, the times are changing.

Japan in recession.It could be a good idea to trade a currency like the Pound, AUD or even the Dollar towards the Yen during their time of recession.

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