Sunday, November 9, 2014

What to Blog About Next?

Do you wonder about the content every time you want to write your next blogpost?

Stupid question?

You don´t want to be treated like an idiot, if you know that you have something to show the world.

It isn´t a stupid question.In fact, it´s the best and currently the most useful question for you.Cause, if you need to figure out what you are going to blog about every time, if you need to gather energy for each blogpost, you are probably out cycling, as we would call it with a swedish expression.

You should have at least a clue every time what the next blogpost will be about.

Mainly, you have to know what your niche is about and what your readers want to read about.This is a must, of course or else you need to cover all aspects of internet business overall and that is impossible for you.You don´t need to know everything all the time and more important, you need to have the crucial knowledge on what´s your choice of niche is about.

If you can stick to that, then that is a key to success.

On the other side, there will probably be situations in your career where you want to add more to your current business but without leaving your choice of niche.Make it logical, do make sense to it.

Prepare for the worst?

Do we have to think like that? Not exactly but we have to be aware of the risks in every kind of business.Nothing is totally without risks, forget that.You have to count with a measure of risk when you are entering any business or adventure online.If you want a real business online, you have to treat it like that.

It isn´t your hobby, it is your business which you want others to take part of when you are marketing it one way or the other.Either by personal invitations, emailmarketing, advertising networks or social communities.Marketing is marketing whatever method you want to chose.

Finally, if your subject is in your mind before you start to write, then think about it a second row.

How could you express it with a different angle? How could you evolve it if you have written about it before? And how could you add something more to it, with a video or fresh image?

Make it interesting, update it with a sursprising news on a program you are promoting to add more reality and substance to it.

I am here to help you, send me your questions by gmail or be free to comment here below.


Mainly, I believe in long term trading when it comes to Forex Trading.Cause if you are forced to watch it all the time it´s easy to get stuck in it.For example, if you are trading with gold or other commodoties and experience a dip on it and you see it fall, you have to believe in what you trading with and with patience wait it in and let it grow to eventually grow to a proft.You don´t need to trade each day, you can chose to trade only with commodoties, at least in times where the gold has potential to start to grow over a longer time.Recently gold was at a bottomline where it should be able to grow up again.Remember that it was at a 1600 dollar per ounce some years ago so the potential for growth is there.If you have to watch it, say every hour, there is a lot of risk that you lose the profit it could be over a longer time.However, with the most clear tips you should trading on obvious tips.

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