Saturday, December 27, 2014

Freedom To Speech Is Your Right

Can you see the forest because of all the trees.

What am I meaning by this?

To see the whole picture and not only the own view, not only the own opinions should be something that only a few percent of people can.

How much have you achieved as a blogger?

Are you satisfied with your results? Have you found your niche? It is very crucial for you to know your subjects, to become familiar with what you are talking about.

A message behind bars is not a message of deliverance....

I am sure you are not a prisoner, in the physical world nor in the mental way....

Imagine you would be unable to get out your message, imagine you would live in a dictatorship where your right to free speech would be taken from you?

How would you then react?

With that in mind you should do what is necessary to hold on to your freedom to speech....

Can you see the whole picture?

Your blogging has a purpose, your blogging is worth something.You are worthful, you are worth something.Don´t lose your vision, don´t lose your freedom to speech.

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