Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hackers against terrorists

In a time of terror and threats, in a time of several threats against democracy....

Yes, I know, I am running a businessblog.However, from time to time one just have to blog about the political scene out there.The acts of the cowards, the terrorists in France is such a subject we can´t be silent about.They had to reap the evil harvest of their seed and that is the case when it comes to what all these terrorists like IS and al-qaida are doing.The police killed them in the end.

Their goals are always to cause fear in peoples lives.

Not only in some peoples lives but in the whole western world as a whole.

This is the ultimate goal for evilness as a whole.

What is terror for the soul on another scene?

Not to compare to what terrorists are doing now but just as a question.Where are all your fears coming from? From bad people around you harassing you with lies and false accusations? I am sure you are surrounded mostly by good friends with good intentions for you.On the other side you have to be aware of the realistic truth abouth society of today.

Find the stable and good opportunities on the net who have been online several years and not only those who come and go after only a few months online.

What is the opposite nature of acts of terrorists?
1.Good intentions for your friends
2.We want freedom to speech
3.Vote for the parties who dare to take action towards the cowardly terrorists.
4.Strive for keeping the values of the western world
5.Speak about possibilites for small businesses today.
6.Dare to blog in a brave way for keeping righteousness for both boggers and democracy overall.

Here, a video about hackers against terrorists and their cowardly acts....

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