Saturday, January 3, 2015

Your Own Decisions

A New Year with new possibilities.

It is always hard to stand out in the masses of bloggers worldwide.

Then how can you stand out in the most efficient way?

Think this way.How do you stand out as a person? You are unique.You have something that no other person have.

You ask yourself, in what way?

Every person has something that differs them from other people, we are not any clones, we want to be ourselves.

As I use to express it, think yourself.And what do I mean by that? I am sure you are judged in different angles by others but you just have to make your own decisions,

There are always expectations on you from the crowds.Do this, do that, listen to him, listen more to her.We grow up in a society where you are expected to take the education your parents told you even if you wanted something else.

Many want to give you advises like, you should marry now, you just have to be a father of 5 kids or so......

Do you recognize these patterns?

I am sure you do.Of course, there is nothing wrong with become a parent.On the other side there should be a flexibility in the society to understand the pluralistic thinking that´s there.We are all living different lives.

Back to the beginning of the blogpost.....

Consider your blog as an unique piece of art where you want to show the world who you are, what you want to change in this world and how you would like to do it.

There are a lot of techniques shared on the net to become a better blogger.However, many could have missed an important share....

Learn more about yourself as the person you are and your blogging could have a very positive impact by doing that.


Adding music to this blogpost from my own production.This is my latest contribution, enjoy it!

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