Sunday, February 8, 2015

Backlinking and Search Engines

I recently saw a movie with this Pink Panther-character Jacques Clouseau today.

In the middle of all embarassment in his role one could notice one and another sharp point from Clouseau himself.

How could you find that?

Don´t ask me

I just found it.I am the one who am laughing at a wellmade movie as much as I am paying attention to a deeper perspective.Of course, there are those movies just made for a simple good laugh, bloopers and so on.....but, there are movies where a comedy combines the story with a good laugh.

If you can find the variation in your business, you have found a key.Cause, if your blogposts are too similar compared with each other you would lose your readers attention.And sure, if you like me are one marketer and investor who may haven´t the masses coming and reading your blog your posts are very important to work on.

Well, to be honest....

Which kind of blogs do have the most attention? Educational blogs, political blogs or just a flashy blog which have a content your could call rubbish?

The result differs, I have to say.Some blogs who have the real quality content do actually have much of traffic but very often due to an already well-known name behind.

It´s like a situation where you would write a blog and get permission to call your self The King of a Country.Then you would immediately have a bunch of traffic to your blog in the sea, in the jungle of blogs out there.This, to remind you of a technique where you get help of a big, well-known site and social network like Facebook or Twitter.When you want to set up a FB-page you are hopefully aware of the help of the many visitors coming to that social network to get extra traffic that way.

Now I know what you are thinking.....

If you link your blog to well-known sites with a lot of traffic, you will easily get that extra traffic.Unfortunately it isn´t that simple.It should be somewhat relevant to what you are blogging about, the technique should contain hyperlinks to explain your content overall and most important,
you need quality in your own writings.

If you are writing articles outside your blog, you should link back to your own blog and, most important, include backlinks from your own blog to other similar blogs as well.You should of course establish a little contact with those friendly bloggers too.

Now, ask me how to find the Grand Final Here.......


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