Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Eye Of a Tiger

Chess is a tricky game, don´t you agree?

You must have a plan, a strategy and always a good tactic.And if you have set up the right tactic, then it´s a challenge to hold on to the plan.

Of course, the game could change and as they say, tables are turning.

You can have the initiative the most of the game but lose it later.Then it is a downward path for a time.

Can you recover from that? Can you find the energy to strike back?

You think to yourself, you have to find the way in the game again.

You have to rise mentally to strike back again.You will have to use your imagination to find a new way in the game again.

Do you have the energy for that? If not, search for that energy and start working again.

I don´t have to explain my path in every blogpost, I have my regular readers and they know the solution I had to find to get things going again.

My focus today is the energy you have to have to rise up again.

Are you motivated to continue blogging from now on........?

It´s always a question of balance in your soul, inspiration, motivation and holding on to a plan again.
Don´t change anything which works for you but improve anything which is not sufficient instead.

Another crucial component is the eye for the game.

To be able to see what kind of network you need to reach out to others who might be interested in what you are marketing about.Find your energy in the life itself to get going again.

Keep Up The Fight!

Don´t lose the eye for the whole picture of your business!


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