Sunday, February 15, 2015

Turn the negatives into positives

From bad to good feelings.

Now, this isn´t a lesson in psychology, I haven´t the education for that.However, I am running a businessblog where it´s appropriate to share tips for bloggers, internet marketers and investors.

The right mindset is crucial in the internet business to have.

The negativists want to find the wrongs on your ways to run a business all the time.They constantly compare you with those who earn more all the time.

And believe me, I have been marketing opportunities where I brought in thousands of dollars even if more heavy times came after that.

I just had to find the more long term opportunities after that and somewhat a year ago I made the decision to begin with Forex Trading and haven´t regret that decision.

When I am getting paid I can recieive the payment directly to my bank account.I found a forex platform which have been online several years, e-Toro.

On the private side I am investing in funds as you may know by now and have brought in good profits the first month from them, from my shares there.

I wrote the first line up there for a reason.You know what happens to your blogging and your writings when the bad feelings are lifted from you.You will find harmony and more inspiring feelings instead.

But......don´t be too dependant to your feelings.....

I am sure you have heard that expression as well.Well, without feelings the life becomes boring and without inspiration.Then we turn to speechless robots.In the unhuman clothes we may find ourselves as marionettes that won´t be able to act on our own.

Turn the negatives into positives...

If someone tries to talk bad about your business-Talk good about others
If someone tries to spread any lies about you-Lift up the truth instead
If someone tries to turn you down with despise-Show your respect to someone you look up to

On that way, that path you should see how the negativity flies away instead and the naysayers should be more quiet as time goes by.

Keep in mind though that everything depends on the successful opportunity you have found and your own working strategy.The better money don´t come flying over you in a sudden moment, it takes time to build a successful online business.It goes up and down and then hopefully up again.

Get rid of the crap in your thoughts....

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