Sunday, March 1, 2015

Become an Educated Forex Trader

Love and friendship, a vital part of the life overall, of course.

What would you do without that parts of the life? Practically, all your energy would be wasted into hatred, endless debates, emptiness and all sorts of fruitless activities.

With love and friendship as engines in your life you will be able to overcome practically anything.

Don´t waste your energy into fruitless debates on the net, wherever your are spending your time of surfing.

These facts should make you thinking about the importance of energy in your life.And with the right energy, what can you achieve then?

Now to another part of this blogpost.

Printing more money than necessary to solve economical problems won´t solve any problems.As the economists know, metals, especially gold and silver will back up paper money on the long term.Although politicians decide to print more paper money in times like this.

What are your thoughts on this?

Will it solve any problems?

Gold and silver are underestimated and concerned as "oldfashioned".In the long term metals tend to rise up in value and you have to have the long term perspective and patience in the mood all the time.You won´t learn all the skills in a few weeks, it takes time to bring in serious money.

Realistically.Yes, if you want to be a full time trader you will have to have both feet on the ground even if you have a vision to trade.It takes time to learn.As in other niches, it will take time to learn and all sorts of aspects must be considered.

1.The Market
2.Reading articles and take in tips.
3.Watch the currency pair over the day and timing to buy and sell in the right moment.
4.Don´t spend too much at the time.
5.Don´t take too high risks and have a stop/loss
7.Bring in the profits, rather a small than a loss.
8.Buy low and sell high.

Don´t deal with all currencies.I prefer to focus on commodoties even if I am flexible to buy and sell with some currency pairs certain weeks.

Finally.Don´t take the experts tips for granted but build your own confidence in trading and don´t become too dependant of the tips either.

Become an educated forex trader!

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