Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Unwritten Law

The unwritten law, what is that?

There are rules in all sorts of areas in the life, sometimes out from common sense but also sometimes too much.

Although we have to play by the rules and behave, that´s it.

Upon this we could face another expression, the unwritten law.

And what is that?

I want to give my answer to this question in this blogpost.We know we have a gutfeeling in the businessworld which should intend us to make the right decisions.Our knowledge, experience make us run our business but we need our gutfeeling as well.

You could call it a measure of ethics.

The ethical attitude should make us evolve an unselfish attitude so we can care about others chance to get involved in the home based business.

Do you want to help other internet marketers and investors to have their chance to run their business and share your tips and advises with them? Do you want to train others?

I have trained a lot of both affiliate marketers, other internet marketers and investors on my online business ventures.Of course, as marketers online we need the bigger networks.As traders, we need to follow tips and advises on our road to the results.

The Unwritten Law.

It´s like solely rules aren´t enough, you need a measure of flexible thinking to evolve your current business.If we wouldn´t be able to think ourselves, we wouldn´t be able to find new paths to take the next step in our ventures online.

When you hear about suggestions like changing sponsors in different programs, you know what I mean.

That is not ok, that is not ethical and there you have it.The unwritten law in the business world has to a degree to do with written rules but also with your gutfeeling that it´s not ok to change sponsors.It+s not ok to "kill" the small business owners.

I believe in friends helping friends, I prefer an attitude where we pay it forward online and help each other, not "killing" each other.


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