Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let The Money Work!

Hunting for profits could be the most cynical you could see or it could be the best win-win you may see.

If you are making money at the same time as you want others to succeed you have a heart of gold.

If the big actors want to benefit the small businesses, they could do so.

We need both physical cash and not only credit cards even in the future.The nations can´t solve financial crisis by printing too much paper money.Paper money need to be backed up with physical gold and silver.

To exclude the ethical thinking in the business world would lead to an extreme hunt for profits without the interest of benefit those who may not have earned the BIG money yet.

I included this video for a simple reason.Morningstar is a site with a lot of articles by real financial experts.They are rating funds out from their performances during a long time.It goes up to five stars at the highest and zero stars for poor performance on the long term.A measure of performance during several years.

When you see a list of funds you shouldn´t pick a fund which is on the top.Risks are that it hasn´t the potential of growing so much more from that position.

Chose a fund with at least three stars given by Morningstar.

And as a fundamental rule I presume you know by now, don´t throw all the eggs in one and the same basket.Chose at least two or three funds to save or invest in.And don´t invest all of your capital, of course but invest with common sense.

You will always need to get your tips and articles by different both internet banks and other business sites.

This investor made way for his partners to take over, he was indeed interested in a win-win situation all the time,

Build on your knowledge, let the money work for YOU!

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