Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One important way....

Investments can mean a lot more than just to invest with your money.

Invest in your friends, then you are investing in their time so don´t steal someone´s time.

Invest in fundshares but also take time to check out in what areas they are investing.

Investing in fundshares isn´t solely to chase the profits, it´s to be aware of the market, how it turns and if it´s shaky times or more stable times.If it´s more volatility or if it´s a calm period.

In a strong period you should chose stockfunds with a high Morningstar rating.

In more shaky periods you should chose interestfunds instead.

One important way of investing time is to invest it with your friends and family.

Do something surprising and buy flowers to someone you love!

Take your friends out and go watch a good movie.Be inspirational and take your relationships to another level!

If people get jealous on you, just hug them and tell them that you wish them luck anyway.That´s medicine for their souls!

Learn from the world of animals.

Aren´t the ants very zealous to build and organize? Could we as humans learn anything from the world of animals? Of course we can.If we treat them with loving kindness, they would treat us in the same way....

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