Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Mutual Fund

What are you a part of, Utopia or The Reality?

Utopia will tell you that you can earn the fast cash

The Reality will tell you that it takes time to build up your earnings whatever opportunity you are marketing or whatever you are investing in.

Utopia will tell you that you can learn everything on your own

The Reality will tell you that you need education to learn the skills

Utopia will tell you that it is possible to make big money by only starting with 10 dollars.

The Reality has to tell you that you need investments and reinvestments to build up your earnings.

I could go on and on with this list but that would force me to repeat everything all the time.

If you want the truth to make money and be better at it you has to embrace the truth.It will take time.You need to be passionate about the products or services you are marketing or if you as me are investing in something, you need to be updated on the stockmarket, for example.Maybe you are investing in real estate? Dare to take the next step to come further.Not out from greediness but from the perspective of an ethical way of doing business.

The markets go up and down, you need to be patient while watching the performance of the funds you are investing in.

The benefit with funds is that they are spreading their investments into several companies while you buy stocks in solely one company.

Don´t fear education, consider it as a challenge to learn more!

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