Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Don´t lose the values in the life

Starting today´s blogpost talking about one of my favorite rockband through all the years, Pink Floyd.

When I grew up I listened to all sorts of music and still am.It is a must in the life.You Tube has become a big channel for both music, webinars and also movies.

Has the content ever been important or is it just for the music in itself?

Music and text as an unity.We want the whole cake, don´t we not only parts of it?

Start eating of the cake, don´t only stare at it whether it is a matter of your business or blogging about your passion in the life.

We who are in the online business in different niches whether it´s marketing, investments trading or surveys, we are dealing with money.We all grew up in societies learning everything except principals about what are basically the roots of the financial world.

Well, money is the root of all evil, isn´t it?

No, it is how you treat the money not the money in itself.Listen to this track of Pink Floyd, for example.....

Of course, the text has its point and meaning but yet, if you handle money the right way, if you are doing the right thing, your wealth can start to grow in a decent way.

Decent businesses and earning decent money, is it your way?

Earning cash the greedy way has often the short term thinking as the force.All financial crisis has somewhere started with someone greedy shark starting to cheat somewhere.He fell into temptation.....

That is often the actual situation when a businessman has started to earn the big bucks......

Then the temptations may have blinded his eyes and he fell into the trap and started cheating.

Did you know that even big banks have been disclosed having employed who rigged forex trading?

To continue the story about the interest in music, I remember another album about the temptation to sell out a nation at its time.At what cost?

The album is about loosing the value of culture in a nation and we don´t want that to happen, do we?

Making money the right way is decent but for God´s sake.......
remember all other things and values in the life and keep it in control.

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