Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Living in a special time

IS is about 13 swedish miles from Bagdad now.How do you think this will end?

The surrounding world can´t let this happen.It´s going to be a massacre if they will reach Bagdad and truly they will be able to take over that city.They are obsessed with their extreme agenda and they won´t stop.

During WW2 the nazis were defeated and we want the western world to take the responsibility to combat IS and try to defeat them.

God help us to defeat these beasts who are acting in a way that is totally inhuman and crazy.

I don´t use to get into politics but this blogpost is such a time when I have to write about that topic.

They have no respect for any culture, they are forcing everything to the extremes.

The awareness has to be at its higest level in a time like this when we see this scary evolvement on the global scene with these terrorists taking over whole parts of  Iraq, trying to build up their dictatorship.

How could the Germans at that time become so manipulated by Hitler and the nazis? How could this happen?

They were forced to fear by the terrorstate of that time.

The possibility to stop IS?

Start to pray, what else?

Only by an act that is similar what the allied did to defeat the nazis during WW2.

To build up an alliance that is strong enough to defeat the evil netowrk of IS in a way that is strong and the conviction has to be at its highest level.

About The D-Day here!

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