Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Old and New Rules

To you who are disappointed at affiliate marketing I have one message......

Go on and learn about stocks and funds.You will not be disappointed at that.Of course, the stockmarket has its risks as all markets but with more experience you will find your way in it.

I have been there.....

Many years ago I marketed Just Been Paid with success but as we all know, that kind of opportunities even at its best won´t hold especially long.They may last for two or three years, not longer and they appear very seldom.The rest of the opportunities are very short term and you may have seen it if you have been in affiliate marketing several years.That´s the problem with those opportunities.

Stocks were invented hundred years ago, funds too.

The main benefit with investing in a fund is that you invest in a fund which spread your investment into several companies in different areas.So, if you believe in techfunds you should start looking for that kind of funds.

Of course, you need to read through some kinf of course about stocks and funds and take that knowledge with you.

It feels complicated the first time.Though, as time goes by you will learn more.The main benefit with funds is that they are pretty stable in comparison to stocks while forex trading is the most high risk you could deal with.

My experience tells you that you shouldn´t deal with HYIP:s at all.They are notorius scams.You should avoid all HYIP:s overall.

Good learning about stocks here...

I believe in a renewed time for the industry overall in a time like this.Of course, they need to use the new technology but too much of the digital technology and the whole society would be too vulnerable.

Don´t get the wrong idea here and now.

This means we want to use the latest technology with caution cause if you would start to believe we could stop to use, for example paper money and only use paycards, we would also see too much vulnerable spots in that direction of  evolvement in society.

No, we have to keep some of the old rules while new rules are coming into place if you get what I mean.


It was a while ago I shared a video of mine with my own production of music.Therefore, enjoy the latest one,

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