Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Part Time Musicians

The World Championship in hockey has begun and the swedes started with three won matches where the first against the Hostcountry of Tjeckien was defeated.

Tomorrow they will play against the canadians and I am sure Gord will watch that match closely.

For me it´s a part of the entertainment in the life to watch sport overall.The best sports are icehockey,
soccer and chess....

Now I know what you are thinking.Chess??

No, it is not the most dramatical sport to watch unless you are aware what´s going on on the board.You can watch a blitzgame and be stuck in how they are scrubbing their head and how they are looking very nervous for the next move.

Well, if you are are an experienced player you know the plan and the picture of the game even in a blitzgame.

Well, how can they think that fast?

Now, convey that in the businessworld.Isn´t everything about speed and getting the fast results?

Not in my book....

Scanning a very thick book required a very special technique.....eh?

I can´t stress enough that you will need a big measure of both patience and good mood to be able to reach the real good results of your efforts in the businessworld whether you are an investor or have other visions with your online business.

And I can´t tell you exactly how you will need to do to reach your results but what I can do is to share what has worked for me.

You will have to find your own way to reach the best results.Although you need the ability and attitude to recieve tips and advises here and there to be better at what you are working with online whether it is part or fulltime.Don´t consider it as an failure if it´s limited to parttime on your part.

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