Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Make A Difference

It is impossible to separate the political world from the businessworld.

The financial problems in Greece is causing turmoil.Of course, the financial problems in Europe is far from over, the speed of recovery will depend on the situation in Greece.

What is the subject to talk about
when you are taking a cup of coffee with a friend on a café?

Are you trying to solve the problems in the world or are you just having a good time with your friends?

Don´t take on too much.You are not going to solve the big issues in the world either.

Be realistic.Do what you can do to make a difference.

What can we do then to make a difference?

Help people around you, not only on other corners around the world but around the corners of your own neighbourhood.People are in need nearer than you can imagine.

Why not help your own countrymen in your own country?

Is that strange?

Not at all.Not all the help around the world go to charity but to your own countrymen.Charity can be good, if the help is efficient and if it goes to organizations who are taking enough responsibility.

Use your love to make a difference, use your money to make a difference.

Have selfrespect and do believe that you can make a difference for others when you are writing your articles.

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