Tuesday, June 2, 2015

More Than Money

A blogger is a blogger, that´s it.

Why would you hold on to blogging if you´re not motivated anymore?

Light the fire again, let´s get motivated again.

Use your imagination again.You could find a theme or subject for the next blogpost from anywhere.

As long as you stick to the niche of your blog you will stay trustworthy.

Are you an artist? An artist knows when and how to perform.An artist can play the game.An artist
do have a little humor.

Could you be educated in four areas at the same time? Not easily but look what this guy did at this show....

You may think, that is only a tricky show.

How about this then....

This magician is from Sweden and he is doing tricks with money.

Are you mad about earning too less money? I can agree that I wish you well and want you to earn enough money to pay off your debts and get your finances in control

However, you should be aware that the most rich people on earth aren´t more lucky as humans for that.Everything isn´t a question about money.

It´s about your love of your life, your friends, the nature, your other interests.......God if you want.

Bother about your inner man and the life flowing on your inside and you will feel better as the human you are.


Lisa Childs said...

I love to blog, vlog, video, tweet and whatever else I do lol.

Mattias said...

Thanks Lisa, you´re welcome.If you want to learn more you can scroll down amongst my posts and you would have a series of courses more or less.