Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One of my favorites.

We are all glad for the new technology in a time like this.

However, Young kids who are growing up in this society can´t be stuck to their mobile phones all day long.

Their parents have to have the guts to set a limit somewhere.Their kids need to play outside with offline activites like we did when we grew up.

Of course, we can´t wind the time back but when the evolvement goes on overspeed, you have to calm down a bit.
With this said I am the first to say that we need evolvement.Yes, evolvement, with the needed balance.
Keep the balance.
When is the economy facing trouble?
Always when it gets overheated.
Basically, when people get overheated, they get crazy over small things you never would get stuck into.They find a grammar fault when you had it 99% right, or they always seems to find something wrong even if you seems to deliver quality all the time.
Concerning that kind of  people, they have something wrong in their head.
Then you have to focus on the good feedback you get from good people.Take the good and constructive comments with you and forget the crazy people.
How about one of my favorite actors here......in case you are wondering.
Now, after a shaky period on the stockmarkets in Europe due to the financial issues in Greece, my fundshares are on plus again.Let´s hope the markets around in Europe can continue to recover

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