Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Show Must Go On

Have you seen Dr Phil on television?

I am sure you have.Question is if you are Learning anything from it.I don´t Think you are in serious issues in your Life but we may have smaller issues to solve.Do you share tips for the Life with your friends? The families that are struggling with getting different things in order don´t show it to the Outer World, of course not.Hardly noone is that honest.

However, to evolve ourselves and families we need to listen to advises for the Life and our situations.

Psychology is definitely a crucial part of an investor´s thinking.What happens if the stockmarket goes down? How do we react? In panic? With fear?

I have mentioned it Before and will mention it again without too much repetition.You have to keep your thinking on the long term.The market will go up again and then you need to keep the coolness enough to wait until you eventually can bring in the profits.

The stock market is sometimes stable, shaky at other times.It all depend on political circumstances and other economical aspects in different regions and nations.Keep yourself updated on articles about investments, funds and stocks overall.

You will Always meet some who are sceptical towards what you are investing in.Though, if you meet up with the most interested in what you are investing in you may even be able to brainstorm about different funds and stocks to Place some thousand dollars in.

What´s the main difference between investing in funds and stocks?

With the right investments in the right stocks you may be able to draw in bigger profits but following the wrong tips you may loose more Money than with a sound investments in a quality fund, recommended by Morningstar.

Funds are more stable and secure.You may not be able to draw in as much as with the most profitable stocks but on the long term, the best funds will give you the profit.

Can I guarantee this?

No, of course not.However, my fundsystem has paid off every of the latest years, given me the profits, so I am pleased with a system that works.

Dr Phil again.......

A program about psychological help to people in desperate situations.You may not have to be desperate getting the profits in but if you are investing I assume you need to understand the psychological factors in the Investment World.

Until the next blogpost, be thankful for the good aspects in your Life and as the sayin´.......

The Show Must Go On.

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