Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Word About Your Blogging

From time to time I get Reviews on my blog.

The Review can sound like, "cool site" or "good blog".

It can be somewhat with or without reason.

Although the best and most worthful feedback I have recieved on my blog have been of quality like "that was the milliondollar post" or something like that and I really treat that seriously.I know I have touched my readers that way.

You know your own ups and downs in your Writings.

You know when you have written something beyond what you use to and when you are touching the sky with your Words.That is something beyond what you are used to, that is a measure of heaven here and now.

Do you like to paint a new Picture with your Words?
That is a part of blogging, the imaginative part of it.
Then you are the creator, you will have to be creative and full of inspiration.Take your readers to the next level.
Is the task to leave all the negative feelings and pretend Everything is ok in all parts of your Life even if it isn´t?
No, mention it with a sentence but try to focus again on the positive side of the Life and go on.
The show must go on, or?
It isn´t that simple, we have to have a measure of honesty and integrity in what we are doing.
Don´t be a Pretender, be the Messenger!
Spread the good Word out about your blogging!

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