Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Training the dog within you

I am watching a program on television about how to learn dogs to behave.

It´s amazing to watch how the Pro makes progress to learn the dogs the necessary steps to behave more normally towards people.

I don´t have any pet myself but when I grew up I was used to my grandmothers cats much more during the childhood.

Although you can learn a lot psychologically about a pet you may not have grow up with.
The Pro in this program had the dog starting to swim even if the dog was very afraid for it at the first glance.

Have you Heard the expression, "You can´t learn old dogs sitting?".

Yes and No.

We are humans not animals.Anyway, what you can learn, you should give a try to learn.In the businessworld we have to start with something entering a new world of knowledge we haven´t learned about so much before.

Fears are the obstacle nr.1 to resist your evolvement.Fears and constant worries are in most peoples minds to make them become passive.Passive people won´t take another step to evolve their skills.If the people aren´t encouraged to evolve their talents they become passive and more passive.

If talented people become encouraged enough to start some action towards a new goal on the other side, things start to happen.

Back to the Pro with his dogs.He got a new challenge.To try to take a dog out to the world which was scared to death even to confront or come near one single other dog or human at all.
His first move was to show this "lost" dog love and compassion on his typical, professional manner.He is so used to the dogs and know their ways and instincts better than anyone else that one gets overwhelmed and overly touched.
On the business scene you have to get used to get in Contact with other people.Whether you are a marketer or an Investor, you have to like others.Start a Group of interest on Facebook or tweet about it.

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