Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Not Only Entertainment

The right SEO for your blog or site, what would that include?

The first and foremost technique you should have in mind is the content of your blog.Do your homework before you are writing your article.

What kind of search word do you use to recoqnize if you are visible on Google´s firstpage?

I tested the word Invest and found my blog a bit down on the page there amongst 243 000 000 hits.
That made me glad.You should regurlarly test where you are on a search by typing in the topic or one important word which should connect with the topic of your blog.

If you want to crawl on the search engines you should use hyperlinks more often.Catch this information about SEO to get your necessary information how it works and what kind of search words you should use.

There are different terms you want to learn to be better at SEO.

Check the blogs I am linking to in the right column there.They aren´t that many but they are relevant to my blog and that´s not all.

That´s Not All!

Did you react over that?

That´s blogging in a nutshell.Catch the attention so they won´t fall asleep reading your blog.Learn more about syntax, grammar and correct spelling cause it is disturbing with too many typos in your content.

Do you get recoqnized for your blogging?

Don´t worry.Most bloggers try to reach out one way or the other discovering that the most readers only want entertainment all the time.The education system in my country is in crisis due to this kind of thinking.This is not only our country but like a sickness in the world today.

The not so simple answer yet to this is that pupils don´t only need entertainment but also a wave of healthy education in the society of today.

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