Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Fourth Door

How often do surprises come your way?

Have you ever wondered why you get surprised when they come? It´s like a new world wants to open for you.

Now I prefer good surprises and not bad news, of course.


Yeah, a surprise can be like news for you, can´t they? Let´s study the surprises you have experienced in your life.

When did they come? Did they come when you desperately needed them?

To be honest, they won´t come too often, or do they?

Merely I believe in taking the right direction in my life, take the right decision to get in a more comfortable situation in my life than before.

So, let´s agree on a truth that our decisions will effect our future one way or the other.

The decisions will be crucial for you to point out the right direction.Putting some effort in setting up a promising strategy could also be crucial for so you won´t get stuck in bad strategies, producing no results.

Let´´s imagine four doors.

Door nr.1

You could open it and see a bad surprise on the other side.Your financies will suffer from this bad decision.

Door nr.2

You got information before you opened it and it stated, this door leads to a guaranteed, better life without any kind of problem at all.

Door nr.3

You could open this one and see, this was the promising one.The most problems were solved but with one drawback, you had to sell your soul to it.

Door nr.4

You got information before you opened it and it stated, this the right way, however you have to pay a price.....

What kind of price?

Serve people around you and they want to love you for that.Have some ethics in what you do.Although, this fourth way will be the best way even if it will be a resistance in your own soul to enter that world behind that door.

What door would you prefer?

Most people want an easy life in the first glance but somewhere in the inside world of us we know the life isn´t that easy.

However, if you are ready to pay a reasonable price for long term results, if you are ready to get rid of some bad habits in your life, this fourth door is to prefer.

PS.The second door was too good to be true, or?  DS.

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