Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Do you like working?

Does the informationsociety means that we have passed the industrial society?

Not at all.

It means that the character of the society is based on sharing and seeking information.We should rather need a renewed rise in the industry with the help of the modern technology, of course.

Are we too much speeded up in the processes of changes in the modern society we are living in?

Could we limit the stress people are suffering from? I believe stress is a constant enemy to people today.I am privilieged to have a reasonable and good scheme on my work, I don´t have to work with stress all day long and I always have the time to do it properly.You need to have sufficient time to fulfill every working task you are heading all the time.

The jewish thought of a shabbath day is like a foundation of what we need as people overall.That make it more possible for us to deliver what we need to have the sufficient energy when we are working.

Does your work mean anything to you except solely earn the money you need?

You should also feel that you are satisfied at your work.

Every kind of work is important, the crucial thought is to value it as something you like to do.

Every decision you need to do in your life requires the common sense but also the sufficient energy to be pushed out in the right room for it.

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