Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fill The Void

I bought a new keyboard today.

When you are a musician you may hold up with playing for a period but as the sayin´, once a musician, always a musician.

Although I have become a little rusty I took it up again and it was fun to play the keyboard again.

I have played in different bands in the past and even if they weren´t any bands on a world tour we payed in the region here and in different towns in our nation.

I don´t know why some people are afraid of being creative? Is that something to be afraid of?

Associate creative to something good and pure.

Don´t let some barking dog yell at your right ear.Tell that dog to be quiet and tell yourself to let out the good forces from your inner man and let out the new creation of you from your inside world.

Music is something good and even if I am an investor, I will take the freedom to blog about other interests I have in the life too.

When I was an active affiliate marketer I was tempted to solely have business in my head all day long and finally took the decision to quit affiliate marketing.I had some very good results in that area of online business some years agon while the trends became very shorttime concerning opportunities I marketed.

Eventually I decided to solely invest in fundshares and that´s my system now.

I am cleaning offline a bit over 60% and the rest of the money I need use to get in via my fundshares.Of course, the markets go up and down but I make the money I need overall.

There you got the legend himself, Don Airey.The solos he is playing in both Deep Purple and in his own band are legendary.He had to fill the void after J.Lord at the time when Mr.Lord passed away.

Not an easy task but he was the only organist who could make that.

Fill The Void, yes.......

If you get a pain in your soul by the fear of being lonely and a void feeling you need to replace that pain killer by a state of harmony instead.

Take a walk in the forest and breathe......


Listen to a clip from my recorded instrumental song from my keyboard here,

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