Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coca Cola and The Content

The Market is slightly on its way up again, though some worries left.

However my shares aren´t on plus yet but near to it.

Patience, my friend, patience.

I am always a person who believes in both opportunities and possibilities.I have a working system.and have the system that works.

You are a human.Let us agree on that.You aren´t an alien.

Ok, a fund can´t deliver the fast cash but if you would still believe in "the fast-cash mentality", you are at risk to be disappointed soon.

Keep the long term perspective.

You may be interested in Forex Trading and nothing is wrong with that but it could be a situation where that kind of business could be like castles in the air.What is the difference with funds and stocks in comparison with Forex Trading?

They are investing in real companies, several 
or one of them.It contains more, simply expressed.Making money on solely money tends to be very short term.

It isn´t any kind of fraud but if you want to make money in the stable way you should  chose funds instead.

How did Coca Cola became such a success?


My fundshares in the techfunds I am investing in are on plus again after a period of recovery.Follow the market news every day to be updated on the situations on the different markets!

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