Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Elecricity Cars?

There are so many bad news in society today that I want to fill this blogpost with solely funny but also constructive videos.

We have to go many years backwards in time to find a more difficult situation in our country and I would guess that is the situation in many countries.This has of course, had its effect on the markets overall.

However, Swedish innovators have in all times invented and contributed to different markets overall.

We will need a reestablished industry society in today´s society.

In a time where business people are laughing at the average man when a good business should take place isn´t a good sign.

I can hear that many of the average people are tired of the overheated car industry where cheaters and fraud has been disclosed in VW, for example.I am sure there is more to be disclosed in that sector of industry soon.

Now to the good news.A series of funny and useful videos with comments to follow:

With this in mind I can´t resist to mention the first real massproduced elecricity cars to come.This should be able to change our thinking on the environment even more where we have got used to think in that direction for a long time now.

The fanatical green people would like this to happen.....

Finally, if you want to take the tour on water, take this trip next time.....

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