Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Engagement And Education

The market is yet down and has hard to recover.The Stockholm Market is down and need recovering.

This has to do with global aspects but of course, also the situation within our country.

Sweden was a nation where we could show ourselves as the nation with the knowledge in many areas many years ago.

Today, we still can proove knowledge in a few areas but with obvious problems concerning immigration and the education area.

How to deal with this then?

The immigration is often discussed.However, I want to focus on the problems in the education area here.

What kind of society is kids growing up in today?

In a society where everything must be surrounded by entertainment all the time.How to make pupils focused on the education then?

Of course, the need of order in the classroom but also the need of evolvement and hanging on the restructuring in the time as such.

More computers in the classroom? No, but more the way to use the latest technology.The aspect of believing in the potential the pupils have.Believe that they can achieve better results on the tests and so on.

Give them the chance to learn, for God´s sake!

I saw an interesting movie this weekend called "So also on the Earth."
A woman challenged the educated musician to set up Händel´s Messiah in a church better than he could manage.He got furious over this.She got this idea when she watched a game of volleyball.

I can´t get into the whole story of the movie here.My point is that she believed she could do this with success and finally she did with a mighty local choir with all kinds of instruments.

Education is good, when it is interesting, when it has the right engagement.When the teachers believe in the potential in their pupils lives.

Let us share our love and caring attitude towards each other, also in a time of worries like this.

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