Tuesday, October 6, 2015

No Fear

Are you learning from your mistakes?

We are living in a society where you practically have to be perfect.

Well, noone of us aren´t, or?

If you are doing your best you are doing enough.If you are doing the right thing you won´t go astray.

If you are watching one of those funny videos you could laugh all day long watching peoples mistakes.

A big mistake could be to repeat something out from FEAR!

One very crucial point in this video is to live your dream, not your fears.....

If your fears constantly are directing your life your will go astray.

How to live your dream then? Does that sound too good to be true?

No way.....there is a way better than the way of anxious feelings and worries.Your fears will never help you but Faith, love and hope will make your decisions instead.

That dog had given up on hope but was saved by humans who had heart enough to rescue the poor dog from the death.A touching video.

Don´t ever give up on your hope.Even if you are in a miserable situation I am sure there is a solution somewhere.

Take your next decision by faith and not from your fears.

Examine your relations to the better and let the motivation be love.

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