Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Express It The Simple Way

How far do they want to go?

Some politicians want some kind of censorship on different views in society from time to time.


Well, they may not admit it always but the conclusion on how quiet it can be on certain areas of discussion could end in that.However, the base for democracy in the western world is strong

Yet, it becomes tested from time to time.

I am a christian and have knowledge in what the bible says about the late time, the war at Armageddon and similar apocalyptic textpassages.

A christian has to be sound in the faith so he/she doesn´t becomes fanatical.This is what´s the big difference is compared with extreme wings of muslim faith and especially IS, of course.

How can they be such predators, modern barbarians to behead other innocent people?

Fundamental, fanatical ways of hatespeeches are always dangerous, of course, whether it is in the world of religion or as an ideology.

They don´t have love at all, through christianity you can recieve the true love.

Now, to something else.

If you have lost your ways in the business world you have to ask yourself.....where did you walk astray?

Have you lost your vision for the ways of doing business?

Keep your focus in your life, then you will be able to spare time to spend with friends and family as well beyond the world of business.Don´t ever let your business totally absorb you in the way that you lose contact with other important aspects around as your near and dear, friends and family.

Professor Baltazar was a cartoon I saw when I grew up as a child.He had so many innovations.
Our brains are like a network where we use to collect our different ideas for both our lives in general but also for the actual business world where we are focused on making a decent profit.

Do have the habit to examine your ideas to discover if they truly work or not.Examine your own heart to discover if you are driven by the proper motives or not and finally, keep up your working mehtods.....

Keep up your good work, simply expressed.


The Stockholm Market is going strong again and now I am bringing in profits again.

Here, the swedish Avanzasite......

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