Tuesday, November 10, 2015

More or Less?

Make your blogging fun, as a part of your life.

If you are tired at blogging you may need to find the sparkle to the next level of it.Fetch your energy to learn something new.

Should you read more? Should you include more videos, more hyperlinks.More of that and more of that......always more of everything.......

No, not necessarily more of everything.

More of successful methods, less of worthless unefficient methods.

Spell to quality, don´t drive your brain on overdrive.It isn´t worth it.If you have two options, chose the most efficient method which produces the best profit.Sure, you want to run a business for fun and passion but finally, you want to make mone├┐, or what?

Spell to comparison but don´t get any panic of it.

Do you stand out, are you gaining any ground forward? Don´t be satisfied with any status quo-mentality.Move forward and defeat the obstacles and hinders on your way whether they are called lack of passion, lack of knowledge, lack of selfconfidence or what it could be.

Should you have more or less of something.

If I put the question like this......if you have to chose to have more or less of love, wouldn´t you all say yes on that question?

Not hard to answer yes on that.

More or less of hate?

Very easy to get the proper answer on that.

In reality it is much, much harder to practise it cause it will depend on the pressure from the surrounding people, the environment on that online forum and so much of else.

More or less of luck?

Are your business based on pure luck and the next lottery you will soon lose your control of it.

We know we say good luck to each other whether it is in the private life or in business but we also need all our knowledge, routines, experience and curiosity to proceed to the next level, both in the life and business.

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